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ICMS-2100 Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring System

  • ICMS-2100 Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring System exploits the airport’s existing lighting cables to realize the monitoring and control of individual lamps in the airfield. Meanwhile it has the features such as stopbar control, taxiway ground guidance, A-SMGCS system one-by-one lamp guidance control, runway intrusion detection, making the airport operation safer.
  • A-SMGCS-oriented design
  • Advanced power line carrier without requiring separate dedicated communication cabling
  • Detection and control accuracy are not less than 99.98%
  • High fault-tolerant communication design brings lower false alarm rate
  • Military level components adapt to harsh external environment
  • No special requirements for isolation transformer
  • The unit is small in size and can be put together with isolation transformer in the same chamber
  • Discriminates module fault and lamp fault
  • Supports single- and dual-channel monitoring
  • Over 8000 BMCs application for a single project
  • Various communication interfaces of international standards for access to control systems such as ALCMS, A-SMGCS.
ICMS-2100 Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring System — Control and Monitoring Module
  • Connectors are FAA-certified (ABB)
  • Reinforced Makrolon for shell, firm and anti-crash
  • Matches isolation transformers of various brands
  • Vacuum filling for long-term water immersion work
Lamp Power(@6.6ARMS) ≤300W
BMC Power(@6.6ARMS) <4.5W
Ambient Temp. -40℃~+85℃
Weight 1.5kg
IP Rating IP68
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