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Practicability, innovation and scaling new heights
Luo Dongsheng, Member of the Standing Committee of Dalian Municipal Committee Met With Zhang Dali, Chairman of Dalian Zongyi

On April 6th, Luo Dongsheng, member of the Standing Committee of Dalian Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of Dalian High-tech Zone, met with Zhang Dali, Chairman and General Manager of Dalian Zongyi. Leaders from Investment Promotion Bureau, Housing Bureau, Natural Resources Bureau, Urban Construction Center and other departments also attended the meeting.


During the meeting, Luo Dongsheng affirmed the achievements Dalian Zongyi has made in the past years, and expressed his hope for Dalian Zongyi to continuously strengthen innovation and research, expand investment scale, and achieve greater results in more fields. Dalian high-tech Zone is committed to give full support to the development of Dalian Zongyi. 

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